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Bluetooth baby projector & monitor
Product code : S041GC

Bluetooth wise baby audio monitor with lightshow which can also play music and story telling via your smartphone. The bluetooth distance is 3 TIMES more than normal bluetooth device that you can link with your baby freely at home. The real time audio monitoring help you to guide your baby comfortably.


Lallluby, story and music can streaming and play to your baby via your smartphone and also the weather status can be reflected at the baby unit. 


Android compatible

Packaging Type : Gift Box
Color Version : White / Orange , White / Grey
USD 78.99
Extra long range bluetooth connection (3 times more than normal bluetooth device)
Android compatible
Baby Monitor works with smartphone
Baby crying alert
Parents' talk back to baby
Music Streaming from smartphone
Story Telling
Night Light
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Soothing "starry night" ceiling projection
Weather status indicator


Bluetooth Baby Monitor & Projector Quick User Guide 752.66 kB Download


A1 :
You can find the history records from the APP in your smartphone. It is useful data to keep track the behaviour to what you care.
A2 :
First, please check the connection between your smartphone and device. If yes, please check if your music file is in MP3 format. The device can support MP3 playback only. It will pop up message if the music file format cannot play in your smartphone.
A3 :
Please check if the connection between your smartphone and device is connected. If yes, please check if the volume of your device is set to mute or not. Press the volume up key to appropriate sound level.
A4 :
Please check if there is large metal object nearby, like refrigerator, mirror, metal door, filing cabinet, reinforced concrete between your device and smartphone. Please re-locate your device to the place free of obstacle.
A5 :
It is to indicate that your device is running out of battery. Please plug in the power adaptor to re-charge the battery. Please make sure you are using the original provided battery. Alkaline battery is not supported and it will damage the device if power adaptor is plugged for re-charging.
A6 :
Please check if the bluetooth is set to ON in your smartphone settling menu for searching bluetooth device. After successfully complete the pairing, the LED indicator will stop flashing and turn to blue colour.
A7 :
Please check the power adaptor is plugged. Press and hold the power ON button until LED turn into blue and flash.