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Bluetooth bottle warmer
Product code : E031GC

Bluetooth wise bottle warmer is a smart feeding product which can reheating by using your smartphone. The smart setting for different volume of milk content and desire temperature can be easily set and control via your smartphone. 


Andriod compatible

Packaging Type : Gift Box
Color Version : White / Orange , White / Grey
USD 50.99
Schedule timer heating
12 heating modes
Feeding records stored in smartphone
Smartphone remote control the heating process


Bluetooth Bottle Warmer Android APK File 10.89 MB Download
Bluetooth Bottle Warmer User Guide 309.71 kB Download
Bluetooth Bottle Warmer Quick User Guide 712.93 kB Download


A1 :
You can find the history records from the APP in your smartphone. It is useful data to keep track the behaviour to what you care.
A2 :
Please check if the water filled exceeds the maximum level of the container or not. Please also check if the set heating temperature is over the limit or not. Please refer to the user manual when you are sure.
A3 :
Please refer to user manual. Different heating mode is required when the volume of milk content is different and depends on the original temperature of milk content, either coming out from freezer, refrigerator, room temperature or any other.
A4 :
Please check if the bluetooth is set to ON in your smartphone settling menu for searching bluetooth device. After successfully complete the pairing, the LED indicator will stop flashing and turn to blue colour.
A5 :
Please check the power adaptor is plugged. Press and hold the power ON button until LED turn into blue and flash.