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Audio Baby Monitors - Freedom I
Product code : S301GE

The digital baby monitor solution provides excellent crystal clear sound quality and interference free connection. Also, it guarantees a much better range distance to analog solution. 


It offers a comfortably safe connection with your baby in bedroom.

Packaging Type :
Color Version : White / Green
USD 43.99
Digital solution
Interference Free and better range compared to Analog solution
Crystal Clear Sound
Volume Control on Parent unit
VOX On/Off
ECO mode
Health Mode Option


A1 :
Please check if the connection. If yes, please check if the volume of your device is set to mute or not. Press the volume up key to appropriate sound level.
A2 :
Please check if there is large metal object nearby, like refrigerator, mirror, metal door, filing cabinet, reinforced concrete between mother unit and baby unit. Please re-locate your device to the place free of obstacle.
A3 :
First check if both mother and baby units have powered on. LED will turn green when the linkage is connected. Reset both unit so that they will try to re-connect again.
A4 :
Please check if the power adaptor is plugged on baby unit. In mother unit, please check if the battery is installed or not. Press the power on button until LED turn on on both units. Please make sure to use the original provided battery. Alkaline battery will damage the device for re-charging.